heffazza is an avant-garde pop artist with a psychedelic sound
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They are a singer-songwriter, performer, music video director, designer and event producer whose work expresses universal experiences from booming space sounds to birdlike voicescapes. Born in Seattle, this songstress was nomadic for a long, highly influential teim* before setting roots back in their elders’ lands.

Artistically some of their guiding stars are Yma Sumac, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Swamini Turiyasangitananda, Rajni Perera, Kate Bush, Minnie Riperton, Mac Dre, Joni Mitchell, Prince, David Bowie, Erykah Badu, Solange, and the Black Constellation.

* “teim” - a feeling in relation to time.

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Nomadic Nebula, HeZza FeZza’s debut album, was released on 2/22/2022.

“Nomadic Nebula is a startlingly original slate of avant-futurist soul, as we move farther into the future and our souls get even wearier.”

- Martin Douglas, KEXP

HeZza wrote the music and lyrics to their debut album NOMADIC NEBULA, over the course of many seasons on her grandmother’s piano before the pandemic hit. At MRX studios in Seattle, she and Erik Blood recorded the tracks to tape. Blood then worked his magic producing and mixing it during quarantine. HeZza released the music onto Bandcamp on 2-22-2022 and will release the album onto all the major streaming platforms in tandem with their “Nomadic Nebula Winter Solstice Show” on 12-22-2022.


Nomadic Nebula reviews:

‘A fresh, yet classic sonic vibration into the future of limitless possibility.’

- Chante Dyson, Artist, Designer, Content Creator, and founder of The Godyssey

‘An album inspiring in it’s thought-provoking content as well as its dazzling execution. A richly produced piece of avant-garde pop perfection.’

-David Paul Mesler, jazz musician, avant-garde composer, experimental filmmaker, arts educator

‘“Nomadic Nebula” is best to be embraced in all its glory from start to finish. It’s a truly honest journey that will move the listener, lyrics that summon up this twist from innocence to real experience. This album ultimately projects this forward-thinking sound that honours the classic sounds that shape you as you grow. This record is long-lasting, a clear creation that will alter the listener’s mood whilst painting this picture-perfect landscape reflecting from the lyrics. Cherish this expressive record.’

-Circuit Sweet, UK